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The Sacred Medicine of Cacao

Sacred Chocolate

Cacao, known as the 'Food of the Gods' in Ancient Mayan culture and Latin, contains theobromine. Used in ceremonies for millennia, it connects us to the Sacred Plant Spirit and our higher selves, offering perspective, creativity, and resilience.


In Sacred Chocolate Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies, we journey with universal allies and Maestra Cacao for healing and transformation.


Cacao, a source of calcium and magnesium, also boosts serotonin production. With focused intention, it allows us to explore our inner world, fostering deep healing, revelation, creativity, and lasting transformation.


By opening our hearts, Cacao helps us rediscover our true essence, merging Ancient Wisdom with the modern age. Creating a daily ritual with Cacao enables conscious reality creation through prayer and connection to inner wisdom, reminding us to celebrate life's sweetness and reconnect with the Powerful Creator within.

If ever you are curious about its benefits or seeking clarity on whether it's the right path for you, you may book your free discovery call and explore the transformative potential of the cacao ceremony.


Cacao and Breathwork Ceremony

May 5th,2024

Dallas, Texas

Brown Simple Guided Meditations Book Cover-5.png

April 23rd,2024

Fullmoon & Cacao Ceremony

Auburn, California


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