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Navigating in Woods

Sacred Medicine

This Sacred Medicine knows you perfectly, she knows exactly where, when and what time you will drink

She knows specifically what you need and what you need taken away… and the precise moment you require it.

Drinking this Sacred Medicine, it's not taking a brew; It is dagger medicine to pierce past your mind, past your heart into the deepest depths of your Soul revealing the trust-filled caverns of your Self and all that ever is…

You are receiving a glass of your Divine Soul Self, individualized medicine that opens and invites the most deep surrender, trust and letting go;  journeying you to YOUR place of Truth… that place that has always been deep within you…
the place of re-Awakening.

Are you ready to embrace it?

I want to offer you a prediscovery call to discuss whether this Sacred Medicine is fit for you. It's a brief, confidential chat to explore your intentions and concerns.

You may schedule a call below:

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When you partake, you slam open the doors of unfathomable revelations of your Self in countless ways, on limitless dimensions and immeasurable timeline: past, present, and future.

In and from this most Sacred place, you are not receiving truth from someone else; a guru, a shaman, a culture or belief system

In and from this place, you receive Your OWN Truth, to begin to feel, experience, explore, express, discover, comprehend and Be what it is truly like to

Be YOU in ALL of your Glory and Greatness.


To transform and know your Self beyond ALL imagination. Introducing you to see deeply, to see your Self as you have never seen before

For the ego, taking This Sacred Medicine  is  most dangerous.

The fire and light of the Soul torch that This Sacred Medicine infuses from deep within you fiercely burns away and annihilates that which is not you.

The ALL of you will be shaken to its deepest core…insomuch that the crucible of death may be openly welcomed, as the armored plates of harshness, hardness, hatred, anger, rage, madness, confusion, chaos, embarrassment, humiliation, ridicule, shame, arrogance, conceit, uncertainty, disconnection, lack of confidence, self esteem, self worth and self-respect

and ALL forms of being defiled, traumatic experiences and deep core wounds and ALL that which is NOT Love are unsympathetically shattered and stripped away from you.

ALL your choices and ways of Being, past and present, will be called into deep question, profound reflection and altered view.

Through intense explosions of mind-bending realizations, suddenly, you begin to see- seeing yourself one with ALL enormous possibilities of being the real You…

who governs each and every part of your entire Life, being one with ALL

This Sacred Medicine GIVES you the power to see far past any and ALL Untruth, deception and deceit, grief, fear, torment, suffering, wound, trauma and terror.

To finally feel what you have suppressed, pushed aside and would not, could not, allow yourself to feel… until…right… now…

within the safety, security and protection of Divine Love … while introducing you to your Soul.

One who knows and lives THEIR Truth, can not be deceived. The living Spirit of this Sacred Medicine does not heal anything. She simply, lovingly, shines light upon the darkness…

YOUR darkness… ALL darkness… so you deeply see, feel, sense, experience and Know… far past anything you could ever imagine.

After you have discovered, viewed  and experienced what is to be realized for now: she dims, then turns off HER light and allows you to simply, gently,

BE with the experience of connecting and being with and momentarily being as your Highest and Greatest Self.

She surrounds you… she Lovingly holds you in the Love and Light of Universal Oneness to integrate the totality of  your most Divine experience.

Her most sincere, most Loving intention is to fully empower and enliven YOU to call in, take back and own ALL Your power, ALL Your Authority… assisting, guiding you to come Alive, Conscious, Connected, Deliberate, Independent, Powerful, Strong like Lightning, Sovereign and Free again.

Resurrecting ALL Your beauty… ALL your gifts and abilities… ALL your Being your greatest and Highest Self in Peace, Joy and Sacred Service… all as fast as you are able.

She loves you far deeper than you may ever now know

Here and Now



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